Anime name Souhaku
Manga name Souhaku
Alternate names The Tekken God/God of Iron Fist
Debut DBHW
Appears in DBHW
Race Dragon Clan(Human Version) Descendant
Gender Male
Date of birth August 13
Date of death None
Height 6,6
Weight 112lbs
Address Unknown
Occupation Warrior/Scientist/Wizard

Souhaku(Sohaku) is another character of TOAA and one of, if not the most powerful of his characters. Unlike Orochi he is unrelated to the saiyan species and is more self-made content. He is the last living descendant of his clans founder, "The Dragon God" and is also his reincarnation. Souhaku is similar to orochi in some manners but is noticeably more arrogant, evil, and destructive, referring to himself as Ryuzoka Sanshin(, Lit. "Supremely Ultimate Dragon God of The August Circle of Heaven") and is the living vessel of Amenominakanushi(, Lit. "The One Above All Grandmaster of Existence") who is the person responsible for his clans birth.


Souhaku is immortal and eternally in his youth. He takes on the physical manifestation of a young man that would otherwise be a human, with generally dark hair that is styled in a long fashio rarely ever going above chin length, if anything he grows his hair longer on occassions. He is of an abnormally tall, lean, and slender build though he also has the body of a martial arts grandmaster, perfected and toned in its ways.



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