Birds and Dogs is a Fan Fiction article written by Final Flash 77 and CertainlyNot. It is about 2 boys, Trunks and Goten, and there relaxed fun, but intresting life, with fighting and action.

The wind spoke and howled to the moon, it felt as if the flowers rose because of the stunning sunrise. "Pancakes, Pancakes! " Goten howled, they were both 9 and enjoying life. "Goten, Let's ask Goku for Pancakes." Trunks said happily jumping up and down. Goten and Trunks quickly ate, then suddently jumped and walked into the forrest, the green light poured in as they looked around, then Goten and Trunks decided It would be best to train a bit.

Goten: Bulma should make me a race car!

Trunks: I'll give you one. I have a ton of RC cars.

Goten: Wow, that's awesome! Thanks!

Trunks: Your welcome, let's continue.

Goten and Trunks talked about school, girls and more interesting stuff, Goten then said how he wished he could show off his power to everyone, but his father said not to, Trunks quickly spoke, "I wanna find some sort of monster". Little did Trunks and Goten know that there wish would come true.