AboKado is the potara fusion of Abo and Kado after the time of Yo, Son Goku And His Friends Return. When Goku died again, he took a trip back to the Grand Kai's place. Again there was trouble in Hell. Goku and Pikkon traveled down to see what all the trouble was about. It was Abo and Kado from all that time ago causing trouble. Goku and Pikkon were creaming Abo and Kado. They tried to fuse to Aka, but that still was not enough to stop Pikkon and Goku. inconveniently Old Kai came and tried to give Goku the fusion earrings. Kado took them while they were being given. Abo and Kado each put one on and became AboKado. He didn't have arms and legs so he was still getting beat up. That is when he went to his super state. Super AboKado was stronger then a SSJ4 and had arms and could levitate. The tables were now turned. Goku and Pikon were geting creamed when Goku came up with the idea to fuse also. They preformed the fusion dance and GOKON was formed. Gokon was so strong that he was easily able to stop AboKado with a thunder flash kamehameha blast without going Super Saiyan. AboKado was not heard from passed that time and he was locked up with the others who wanted to work with Cell.